The Senior Portrait Experience With Portraits By Matthew


Just as each human being is an individual, each senior session is also individual

You're gorgeous, you're courageous and eager to fly the nest. It's the perfect time to dress up and immortalize your senior year on camera.

Portraits By Matthew's team has decades of senior portrait photography experience and is conveniently located in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio with private parking!

You're about to enter the real world, relying on your talents to make it big. We want to capture you just as you are, right now, so you can look back on yourself in later years and remember who you were before one of the biggest transitions of your life. 

High school seniors are beautiful people with incredible energy. We work closely with each senior to bring out the very best and the uniqueness of their personalities in the form of visual art

It all begins with a free consultation! We would love to hear your thoughts and goals for your high school senior portrait session so we can make collection recommendations and talk about adding on professional hair & makeup styling!

Portraits By Matthew always recommends a professional stylist to help cultivate the look for your high school senior portrait session.

What you see in the mirror isn't always what you get on camera, and an experienced stylist knows this! A professional stylist is able to cultivate your best features while masking others, ensuring a final photographic result you will love to look back on for years to come. 

Why Hire A Professional?

A lot of parents ask what the advantages are of having high school senior portraits taken by a professional photographer. Quality cameras are becoming more and more available to everyone these days, and it may be appealing to save money by trying to do it yourself. Portraits By Matthew would like to present a few reasons why hiring a professional photographer to capture this very unique, fleeting time in your life is so important.

You will get better images from a professional such as Portraits By Matthew

A high school senior portrait session with Portraits By Matthew isn’t just about taking pictures. It’s about developing a relationship together, getting to know who you are, and bringing that out in the form of visual art. 

We don’t just dress you up, stand you in line and take a few snaps like a traditional school portrait photographer might. We spend time with you, we talk with you, we decide together what your expectations are for your images, and then exceed them! 

Everything is custom tailored to who you are as an individual. Additionally, we work with top hair & makeup stylists to ensure you not only look your best but look your best for the camera. Our stylists are highly experienced with hair and makeup for the camera and know how to get the very best results for you. 

Your images will be translated into physical works of art

We hear stories over and over again of clients who’ve taken images of themselves or had a quick, inexpensive session with a photographer and left only with digital images. Photographs aren’t meant to lurk forever on a hard drive; they’re meant to be printed, displayed, touched, and shared. We’ve designed our high school senior portrait sessions and collections to ensure that you will end up with stunningly beautiful, last-a-lifetime physical pieces of art that become family treasures. 

Our products are painstakingly selected from print labs that only sell to professional photographers, ensuring a level of quality you won’t find with consumer-grade print houses. We hand-retouch each image before it goes to print, sometimes spending hours on perfecting the crop, color quality, and removing any blemishes that might become apparent when the photograph is printed in large format. Your end result is not only a gallery of digital images; it’s an album, a canvas, a print - tactile artwork for your home or dorm.

You will look your best

Even experienced amateurs struggle with the more nuanced parts of portrait photography. Mastery of lighting, hiding undesirable features, and creating radiant skin tones are among the most difficult and most important parts of producing a perfect portrait. 

When you hire an experienced professional such as Portraits By Matthew in Cleveland, Ohio, they will put their years of experience to work to create images of you that flatter and look fantastic when shared digitally & printed in very large format.

Portraits By Matthew loves to create an experience for you that's completely yours, representing your essence. What makes you the person you are? What do you love? How do you express yourself? 

Each portrait session aims to answer these questions while making you look absolutely fabulous. Many of the young adults we work with enjoy multiple outfit changes to represent the uniqueness of their lives and interests. 

One moment you're the star of your soccer team, grass-stained from head to toe but loving every bit of it, and the next you're off to a glamorous night out in your favorite designer outfit. This is how you live your life. This is what your portrait session should ultimately reflect.

Whats Next?

Once you’ve decided that Portraits By Matthew is the right photographer for your high school senior portrait session in Cleveland, Ohio, we’ll get started by choosing a date for your session.

On the day of your shoot, we generally recommend blocking out 3-5 hours, depending on your collection so you can have your hair and makeup professionally styled by our carefully selected partners

After the session, depending on your collection, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks to finalize your portraits and schedule a product ordering appointment.

Why so long, you ask? Every image Portraits By Matthew delivers is hand retouched in great detail to make sure you look your absolute best while still appearing natural. 

After your ordering appointment, you will have access to your online gallery for print ordering and the ability to download your images in a low-resolution format for digital sharing.

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