What Does Portraits By Matthew Do?

Portraits By Matthew is a professional photography studio in Cleveland, Ohio specializing in Headshots & High School Senior Portraits while also offering family portraits, photo restorations & passport photography.

Cleveland Ohio Headshot Photographer

Top Headshot Uses

Social Media | Professional Networking | Press Releases | Employment | Publications | Marketing | Dating

A modern, professional headshot is your most valuable asset in today’s visually driven world.

Are you a business professional? An actor or a model? Are you starting a new career? Whatever path you are on, a professional headshot can set you apart from the rest. In a digital world, employers, clients and others are searching through social media and various digital outlets to get a first look impression of the true you.

A professional headshot will ensure that your first look impression will give you that valuable edge with a trustworthy, approachable and professional look that you and others are seeking.

It is recommended that you update your headshot at least ever year and after any major change in your appearance or brand.

The Experience

Portraits By Matthew's goal is to create a meaningful headshot that says something about who you are. Our team has decades of headshot experience. We will create a headshot that conveys your personality and your goals in life by capturing your essence, your best natural features and your strengths to show off the true you.

Portraits By Matthew offers a variety of different background colors. Match the background to your brand for a more traditional look, or try a custom lifestyle headshot for a truly modern look.

Our studio is conveniently located in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio with private parking! Don't let your old, stale headshot hold you back!

Be sure to check out the headshots page on our new website & our headshot experience blog post for more details!

High School Senior Portraits In Cleveland Ohio

Just as each human being is an individual, each senior session is also individual

Your senior portraits are your one chance to look back at this monumental moment, your senior year, and tell your unique story.

Portraits By Matthew's job is to show the world who you are and let you share that with everyone else. Maybe it is by bringing out the celebrity, the artist, the athlete, the genius, the fashionista, the skater, the singer inside of you, or maybe it is just by showcasing you and your personality. You write your story. Let Portraits By Matthew capture it so you can share it with the world, or simply your family and friends.

There are so many difficult decisions a senior has to make in one year. Choosing your professional photographer should not be taken lightly, but Portraits By Matthew strives to make it an easy decision.

And yes, you do have the right to choose your professional photographer that will capture your unique style and expression to tell your story.

The Experience

Portraits By Matthew's seniors are beautiful people with incredible energy. We work closely with each senior to bring out the very best and the uniqueness of their personalities in the form of visual art. Just as each human being is an individual, each senior session is also individual.

Portraits By Matthew's team has decades of senior portrait photography experience. This is our specialty. We want to know what you love, who you love, who you are - and bring that forward in front of the camera.

Working with our team will ensure senior portraits that are custom works of art that you and your family will cherish for years and generations to come.

Be sure to check out the high school senior portrait page on our new website & our headshot experience blog post for more details!

Family Portraits

Pet Friendly Portrait Photography Studio In Cleveland Ohio

Portraits By Matthew in Cleveland, Ohio is known for their family portrait fundraisers, most popular during the holidays, but available anytime! Check out our philanthropy page for details!

Family life is challenging, every member has their own activities which seems to happen all at the same time. Take a moment and regroup. Let Portraits By Matthew help you create lasting memories with stunning creative imagery that you will treasure forever.

Don't forget your fur-family! Portraits By Matthew is extremely pet friendly! Dogs are welcome to run around the studio off-leash, and get bribed with treats during their session!

The Experience

Your family is always growing and changing, with new additions, kids growing up and off to college, or simply moving away, and lets not forget the grandparents getting older.

A family portrait session at Portraits By Matthew gives you the opportunity to capture and share your family story through lifestyle, modern images.

Our portrait studio is conveniently located in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio with private parking! Being surrounded by wonderful merchants and delicious restaurants makes Portraits By Matthew the ideal portrait studio for your family get together.

Be sure to check out the family portrait page on our new website for more details!

Photo Restoration Service In Cleveland Ohio

Cracks | Faded Color | Sun Damage | Rips | Liquid Stains | Missing Pieces

Memories truly can last a lifetime, even if they are damaged! Portraits By Matthew provides custom restoration services on damaged prints.

Restored memories are professionally printed with a protective texture and mounted on super smooth white styrene that adds durability to the print. We can even enlarge the original memory to a bigger print!

Schedule a free photo restoration consult at our Downtown Cleveland, Ohio studio with private parking to determine if we are able to properly restore the memory & quote the cost of the photo restoration!

Be sure to check out the photo restoration services page on our new website for more details!

Passport Photography In Cleveland Ohio

United States & International Passport Photography & Printing

Most international countries require a professional studio, and do not allow convenient store photography/prints.

Portraits By Matthew recognizes this requirement and offers a quick same-day process with professional photography & prints to help ease the application process.

Portraits By Matthew follows all guidelines for U.S. and International Passport Photography
and is conveniently located in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio with private parking.

Be sure to visit the passport photography page on our new website for more details!

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